The FLG Show

The FLG Show is a special on Flagstaff created by EMF 323W students at Northern Arizona University. Of course, just because it was created by students doesn’t mean that this shouldn’t be your first stop for information about your trip to Flagstaff. After all, take it from some locals:  FLG is the place to be, and we’d love to show you around.

Watch the full 15 minute show and browse the tabs to watch even more stories on Flagstaff!

We have three categories of content for you to check out:

  • Historic Flagstaff: Are you a history buff, or just looking to check out some of the city’s historic attractions? View our videos featuring Riordan Mansion, Lowell Observatory, the Hotel Weatherford, and more. 
  • NAU: Are you a prospective student of the university, or perhaps a parent of a current student who wants to learn more about the college? Be sure to check out our videos about the Walkup Skydome (go Jacks!) and the university’s history.
  • Fun FLG: Looking to have some fun out on the town, or find a great bite to eat? See our videos on the Flagstaff Aquaplex, the Museum Club, and more.